Autumn: Pink Velvet

I love mild, sunny Autumn days! Here’s my vintage Jaeger pink velvet skirt. It has an old fashioned metal zip which is so beautiful in itself – ah those were the days… My suede boots are by Bally from the early 90’s and the bag is vintage Céline from the 70’s I guess – it’s due a little maintenance to keep the leather moist and glossy. I’m afraid I’ve neglected this crucial part of the territory that comes with being lucky enough to own my dream leather bags.

The skirt is more a rich pink and not an orangey salmon colour. I’m getting a lot of wear out of this Zara cotton cable sweater. The Burberry trench is truly an investment piece and if you don’t already own one, please consider it. There are many different styles so take the time to find which one suits you best that you will get the most wear out of. It has the magical ability to hide a multitude of sins and instantly making me look put together.

Thanks for reading!


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