Homage to Skyfall

Before I talk about the latest James Bond film, I’d just like to say how important films have always been to me. From the age of 7, I have very strong memories of so many films growing up a child of the 70’s when Sean Connery played in his last 2 James Bond films, Diamonds Are Forever in 1971, Never Say Never in 1983 and Roger Moore took over for the rest of the 1970’s and early 80’s. I cannot stand Roger Moore and Connery’s last 2 films were memorable for the wrong reasons! So my favourite Bond films then were all of Connery’s early ones. There was no other who could touch him for raw sex appeal and character interpretation. Suffice to say he made a very lasting impression on me!

I did enjoy Timothy Dalton as James Bond but he only made 2 films and when Pierce Brosnan took over, I was totally indifferent. I honestly thought that was it because there didn’t seem to be anyone worthy of filling Sean Connery’s shoes. But of course there was – Daniel Craig – I had never heard of him before – moreover he’s blonde! I really had not very high expectations of Casino Royale. It turned out to be the best film to me since vintage Sean Connery! Not only did Daniel prove himself totally worthy of all the praise heaped upon him universally, the 2 Bond girls – Eva Green and Caterina Murino were equally fantastic I thought. Their costumes were so beautiful too. Imagine my disappointment with Quantum of Solace that followed.

I think it was good that finance troubles forced a long period of absence after that until the release of Skyfall this year. They realised the plot was the most important at last! Skyfall is the best so far for me in terms of being the perfect pitch of action, story and glamour which has to be a hallmark of all Bond films. Bond villains have unfortunately usually been pretty 2 dimensional and though Javiar Bardem’s baddie appears rather late into the film, the gravitas and depth he brings to the character was invaluable. The 2 Bond girls are perfect opposites and contrasts in every way possible and both actresses more than step up to the mark. Interestingly, Bérénice Lim Malohe is part French and part Khmer Chinese.

I loved the theme tune sung by Adele.

For a 12 rated film, there was a lot of adult content I would say but done quite subtly. There were nude scenes in the shower appropriately enough and of course sex but it was all implied not laid bare so we all felt like voyeurs.

I’m telling you Skyfall had everything including a homo-erotic scene…

She’s my favourite Bond Girl since Eva Green. Beautiful, tortured and tragic.

The Bond-Girl-Who-Dies was Sévérine played by Bérénice Malohe who smouldered. Eva Green was amazingly glamorous and razor sharp in Casino Royale. Although Sévérine had a much more limited role, Bérénice played her to the max oozing glamour and had real screeen presence. I truly hope she goes on to bigger things. The costume department did an amazing job – she only had 4 outfits but they were stunning. I read they even made special underwear for the actresses.

Daniel Craig won Best British Artist and this is her applause for him. Perhaps she was remembering their nude shower scene…Not many women can…

Except the real Mrs Daniel Craig, of course. I LOVE this photo of how he looks at Rachel Weisz. So we have two more films to look forward to…can’t wait!

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Homage to Skyfall

  1. Vix

    I’m dying to see this. Like you I grew up with James Bond but despite always going to the cinema to see the latest releases considered it rather cheesy and dated in recent years, much preferring the excitement of Bourne.
    I’ve always loved Daniel Craig ever since Our Friends In The North and was thrilled when he took over, he is the best (and sexiest) Bond & I think, more true to the character in the Fleming novels.


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