Double Knot and Layering

I’ve always liked the layered look on others but never managed to achieve it consistently for myself so as one of my Closet Resolutions for this year, I put ‘Layering’ on the to do list. Quite by chance it’s finally happening for me! In fact I can cross off most if not everything on the list surprisingly enough. I never thought I’d manage it and within the year. I mean the list was really an aide-mémoire and although I could have made more of a conscious effort, I just hoped it would all happen as I worked through my closet and seasons. There was no rush but at 45 I feel there isn’t a whole lot of time before I start stressing about matching my outfit to my walking frame – that is if I’m still in control of my faculties by then lol!

I’m wearing a knitted dress by Isabella Oliver, my first purchase. It has short sleeves so perfect for the Spring/Summer and on mild Winter days like today. Sadly, I’m not too impressed with the quality: it shrank slightly in a cold wash and looks worn in even though this is the first time I’ve put it on. Two items from the Men’s department -Chambray shirt is Gap and this H&M parka is so fantastic, I don’t know how I lived without them before!

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