The Little Story of Exotic Vasco

I’ve written about how I love vintage exotic skins and collected a few clutches and handbags over time.  I never, ever thought I’d be lucky enough to own one by Hermès until I held it in my own hands! The goldtone hardware is still intact and the skin is supple with virtually no signs of wear yet I know she must have been used from the very tiny marks inside. I had wanted it in black especially as I only own brown skins.So her name is Vasco. I planned to attach a strap to wear across body but in fact her handle is long enough to go over my shoulder. My preference is for a single strap and usually it’s only long enough for hand holding. The versatility was the crucial factor for me. As I’ve said before the deal breaker for any vintage bag for me is if I can use it in my everyday life.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to those who celebrate and thanks so much for reading!


6 thoughts on “The Little Story of Exotic Vasco

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