The Little Story of Evelyne

I always had dreams of Chanel and Hermès since I was a Teen and was lucky enough to indulge in a few ready to wear pieces by Chanel in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Hermès, however, remained elusive and largely buried in the furthest corner of my mind once my children arrived – until my youngest had just learnt to walk and she was practising in the mall. It was there that I caught sight of a beautiful sky blue leather bag casually worn cross body on a woman strolling. There were no logos, no marks on it except for an H that was punched out in the leather rather like bullet holes. H for Hermès of course! That was enough to bring my dream alive again. It was much later that I learnt the bag was called Evelyne and I was able to fulfill my dream of owning a vintage one!

It’s very special to me for the above reason and also because of the leather which is sought after Barenia. It’s a saddle leather that shows marks easily but they blend together with time. I prefer it in simple shapes. You can have it treated but it’s generally left alone. This is the GM size and the strap is detachable – perfect!

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