Film Friday: Superman (1978)

The film with Christopher Reeve in the title role. I think it was the very first ‘superhero’ film I ever watched and I loved every second of it and adored Christopher Reeve – yep, up went the poster on the bedroom wall! It just blew me away at that age and my crush continued for years.1978-superman-2JOR'ELsusannah_yorkchristopher-reeve-as-superman-in-supermanmarlon-brando-as-jor-el-in-superman-1978superman-1978-jonathan-martha-kentOBIT REEVEsuperman_1978_845x1019_736778Superman1978X264480PAACBDRe-CHDs-3superman1978multiblurayscreen-capture2Superman-source_whimquarterlySuperman-1978-2science-superman-431superman-train-railsSupermanChristopherReevews_Superman_'1978'_Premiere_1024x768christopher-reeve-superman-premiere50475881Alexandra+Reeve+Christopher+Dana+Reeve+Foundation+GoGSztzVotflkevin-winter-actor-christopher-reeve-and-wife-danaIt’s beyond tragic that he died so young. I’ve watched every remake/version since and look forward to the newest to come next year. This original Superman has dated but it will always have a special place in my heart.

Thanks for reading!

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