Vintage Tweed and Cord

This is another vintage Jaeger jacket I love. The tweed is very warm and contains the colours I wear in it. It needs to have a different belt so I’ll experiment. The grey poloneck is the only one I have – maybe due to relying on scarves. Much as I love tweed, I have to be careful because it’s too thick, or rather my shoulders are too wide to wear it really.VINTAGETWEED

The skirt is a fine babycord coincidently by Jaeger too but from just last year and I really love the rust colour, it makes a change to my neutral palette. I was warm enough like this even though frost lay all around but would add my cashmere scarf if there’s a lot of walking to do outside.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Vintage Tweed and Cord

  1. Sue

    I’ve never really entertained the idea of polo necks until this year but they seem to have had a resurgence. I’ve tried a few on but not found the one yet which doeesn’t make me look like moon face :o)


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