Growing Pains

TWEENMy kids are at an especially ‘interesting’ age, my eldest is a Tween, my Boy in the middle not far behind and my youngest, Sweetie, is the head strong, precocious, baby of the family. We’re in the middle of the difficult challenging transition from child to teen via the dreaded puberty stage for my Tween. I try to keep the topic current with gentle encouragement and small amounts of digestible information so as not to frighten her. My parents never had any conversations with me about this and I just remember the whole subject blurted out all at once at us en masse at school. I don’t think anyone asked questions – we were just too shocked and repulsed! This is our recent conversation over tea:

Me: [to Tween] OK so you’ll go have your shower afterwards?

Tween: Yes.

Me: As you grow up, your hair may get a little greasy and you’ll sweat more easily but it’s all part of the normal changes that happen. That’s why it’s important to wash everyday.

Tween: [deadpan]  I’ll get hairy.

Boy: Like Mummy! [boys will be boys]

Sweetie: We’ll get you a razor, like Daddy’s! [she has not seen me use it in emergencies on my legs]

Boy: Or you can wax. Just put it on [demonstrating with his hands] and rip it off! [he has seen me using the home wax strips on my legs]

Tween, as you can imagine was not comforted by her siblings’ advice.


6 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. Sue

    I think that it’s good that you tried to have a chat. Mine will go along the lines of “don’t make anyone pregnant before you leave school”. I have boys. The whole shaving, voice changing and any other physical changes can be left to the other half – he should be an expert.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Yes, like I said it’s an onging thing and she does come up to ask me little and very personal questions over the last few months. As I didn’t have any sisters or close female relatives, I never had that so really want it to be different for her. My Boy is quite sensitive really and I’m quite relieved to send him to his Dad too! Umm, yes, my only advice to him would be the same as yours 🙂


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