Film Friday: Nikita (1990)

This is one of the very earliest foreign films I remember watching on TV. It was at a time obscure, arty (farty) and even foreign films were shown on BBC2 (when there was a choice of only 3 television channels). ITV favoured blockbusters. There were other French films but I don’t recall their titles anymore. I was quite upset Nikita got converted into a TV series in USA. The original had high impact and a timelessness which is rare for an action film. It’s also the first of many Luc Besson films I watched.nikita2Nikita is a teen junkie and during a robbery of a pharmacy (for drugs) a shoot out occurs involving the police. Her friends are killed and she murders a policeman. As a result she is sentenced to life imprisonment but finds herself in a government facility.865Immaculately dressed Bob who begins her training as an assassin.nikita-1990-05-glafemmenikita2Jeanne MoreauFirstly, she is taught how to be a woman with make up and how to dress by Amande.Nikita_Anne-Parillaud_make-up-mirror.bmpShe takes easily to all the training and Bob takes her to dinner to celebrate her birthday.anne-parillaud-as-nikitaShe wears a little black dress, gloves and a string of pearls for the occasion – dinner at an expensive restaurant.imagesHowever, his surprise box contains a gun and her final test as well as her first mission is to kill a fellow diner. Her escape route no longer exists and she has to rely on her instincts to survive.nikitagunNikitaNikita_Anne-Parillaud_black-dress_rear-facility.bmpShe finds her way back to the facility much to Bob’s secret relief. She’s allowed to leave to begin her life outside.l_100263_3cd08ea4She meets Marco on her first trip to the supermarket. He is a boat designer but works at the check out.

0000328_gal_004_medHe adores her and they soon live together. With her support he realises his dream of designing.

11108565_galI love this fitted spotty dress and witty hat. She looks amazingly chic.

nikita-and-marcoThey invite Bob over dinner and it’s obvious how happy they are. Bob was introduced as her ‘Uncle’ and he generously offers the couple tickets to Venice for a romantic holiday.

imageAll is not as it seems, as usual and Nikita realises it’s another mission. She finds all she needs hidden in her hotel bathroom and completes her mission while pretending to run a bath.

300fullHowever, Marco begins to suspect her career choice. He tells her she smells too good to be a night nurse.

Nikita_01One mission goes disastrously wrong and Victor – The Cleaner has to be called in to clear up the mess.

the-cleanerHowever, he dies during the clean up and Nikita realises it’s her chance to escape and disappears.

The film ends with Bob and Marco meeting up and we see that they are both in love with Nikita. Interestingly enough, Jamie Lee Curtis wore a very similar dress in her film True Lies.Jamie_Lee_Curtis_True_LiesTrueliestrueliesbackEven her hair is almost the same!

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