‘Naturel’ Beauties by Hermès

I have to admit, if it’s not already obvious, the H bug has bitten me hard! Much as I love my Céline and Chanel bags, the passion for Hermès overtook them both. I’m really happy to find these 2 bags each in leathers that I absolutely covet. Both are in a colour called ‘Naturel’.This is the Dalvy style and the leather is Vache Naturel, the same as the Kelly I found my mother here. [Somehow, this one seems smaller than hers and just different so will have to compare closely when I see my mother next.]

The more I learnt about Hermès, the more I realised that for me, it was all about the leather – the right leather to suit my life and the style of the bag. I adore the structure of the Dalvy and the VN leather is thick and rigid to better maintain its shape. Actually, because the leather is untreated it will stain and get spots in the rain but it can be made waterproof so this is what I’ll do.

And then I found this Kelly! It’s the same size as my mother’s but in a different leather (Chamonix) and is vintage (1979). I have to say, it looks at least as new as hers, amazingly enough, which I think goes to prove that the quality was better then. It’s the Sellier style where the stitching is on the outside and is so precise, it’s truly a work of art to me. At first I never liked the sellier style believing it to be far too rigid looking but then my views changed and I now love the structure and stark modernity of the lines. I just can’t wait to use them both in a few months once they have been treated.

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