Maintenance Cycle Part II: Hermès Leathers

So my home mini work shop continues! I have a few H bags that need to be treated and I started with this recent addition to the H Familly, a Kelly Sport. This is the original condition it arrived in looking slightly brown from dryness especially at the top edges and the straps:$(KGrHqN,!okFCf+yY9FsBQpLW(NVe!~~60_3$(KGrHqF,!osFBZt6!RSYBQpLWKfvzQ~~60_3I knew there was a lot of work to do to minimise the scratches and rehydrate the box leather. After 3 treatments, the scratches were slowly fading but after the 4th, that’s when the miracle happened and the scratches faded a lot more. Also the dryness is reduced and the original black colour has returned purely through rehydrating the leather.SPORTKSPORT2KSPORTYou really need to look closely and in certain light to see all the scratches. They will never disappear but you can minimise them. This is Box leather which is a classic leather used not only by Hermès of course and is known for responding well to refurbishments. One of its characteristics is that it does scratch very easily, however the trade off is that over time, they will actually blend as the leather attains a patina. Other leathers have different properties, some are more scratch resistant (although no leather is 100% scratchproof) or made to be waterproof or more oil rich so will not dry out easily. This is why it’s all important to consider the properties and look of the leather as well as the actual design and function of the bag. Next year I’ll start on the Chanel leathers…

Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “Maintenance Cycle Part II: Hermès Leathers

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  3. ladysarahinlondon

    Great info here thank you! I am looking for your post waterproofing box leather… I got my new Kelly – the condition is too perfect to take it to the boutique to spa, but with this weather will I ever use it?

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