Festive Pink and Blue

PINKBLUEXMASToday I’m linking up to Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday which is a great initiative!

We braved the endless rain to go out for a little window shopping primarily, since I already looked at the sales online and only bought stuff for my children. The only thing I was after is a black coat. Here are items I scored in the Summer Sales, a dusty pink cotton mix jumper by Zara Girls (my Tween got a grey version) and a light wool stretch pencil skirt by Banana Republic. I’ve always shopped out of season for things I know will work for Autumn/Winter during the Summer and vice versa. I suppose this may be the root of my transeasonal goal for my wardrobe. I simply do not have the space to store clothes away at the end of each season, besides it makes me forget what I have fuelling more shopping madness. I like to see all my things at the same time and this actually helps to minimise my shopping list.

This combination of jumper and skirt is a staple for me and I really like the dusty pink – not too girly – with the medium shade of blue (there’s actually black in the blue). The messenger bag is Barneys New York when I visited way back in 1998. I used it so much in all weathers when living in London and the leather is still perfect. I just threw over my Burberry trench and was able to walk around for hours. But I still couldn’t find a black coat!

I hope you bagged some great bargains – thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Festive Pink and Blue

  1. Vix

    Happy New Year and what a fabulous outfit, too. Glad you’ve joined the rest of the gang over at Visible Monday! Wishing you all that’s good in 2013! x

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much for stopping by! I’ve heard such great things about Goodwill, I make do with my local versions but they are not very good. Happy New Year to you too!


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