Film Friday: They Call Me Trinity (1970)

I first watched this film in the early 80’s and although made after the more famous ‘A Fistfull of Dollars’ spaghetti Western, it was the film that got me interested in Westerns afterwards. I was never interested in all male films such as Westerns and war films growing up, unsurprisingly, but these Trinity films had much humour and enough charm to have me glued to my TV.trinity1Trinity (Terence Hill née Mario Girotti)240px-Review_Trinity1_02Trinity’s preferred mode of travel

320px-Article_ManCalledTrinity2It’s a pretty versatile frame!

They-Call-Me-TrinityThis is where he has a pitstop for food and a bath

they-call-me-trinity2With his brother called Bambino (Italian for baby boy plyaed by actor Bud Spencer née Carlo Pedersoli)

Hill04bThe plot is nothing extraordinary. They are basically bounty hunters and very skillful with their guns, naturally, but their hearts are in the right place so they always help those who need it along the way. I shall never forget the opening scenes of the film where Trinity ends up at a stagecoach station and eats straight out of the pan burping loudly. Worse still he has a bath in water that looks like it’s already been used…a lot and afterwards proceeds to put back on his same filthy clothes! Trinity was a name buried in my film radar afterwards only to re-emerge almost 20 years later in The Matrix in 1999.

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2 thoughts on “Film Friday: They Call Me Trinity (1970)

  1. Chiara

    I am so happy you liked this movie! I love it! It also has a sequel, “Continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità”, which translates more or less “They kept calling him Trinity”, as much fun as the first one.
    PS – just found your blog through other blogs’ links, and I am adding it to my bookmarks!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Oh thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I think I watched the sequel too and loved it all. It made such a big impression on me I still remember it now over 30 years after first watching it 🙂 You’re very kind, I will visit you too 🙂


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