Comfort Dressing: Easy Knits

EASYKNITSIt’s Thursday – nearly made it through the first week back to school and work! This is a very easy outfit for me from the other day when the weather was unusually mild for January. Navy knit dress (Baukjen) with a self tie that’s so long, I wrapped it twice around my not-so-small-waist and still had enough for a little bow! Layered with an ancient cashmere cardigan (Escada) and pulled on the Bally knee boots. These boots are a very dark brown so enough to break up the navy but not enough to clash with my black studded bag (Versace).

I was struck by Garance Doré’s post about whether to prioritise comfort in clothes this week. For a start there are 2 types of ‘comfort’ to me, one that involves what and how you dress in the privacy of your own home and then the comfort level you choose for outside, to go to work and generally socialise in the world. For some people there is no differentiation but let’s not get into that now…I mean I’m not talking about wearing pyjamas out! Oh wait, there was a trend last year for doing just that…! The entire purpose of revamping my closet was so that I could dress well and comfortably, I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive. For me, this simply means a little bit of stretch, the right length and fit with just the right amount of accessories.

Of course there’s no point wearing a comfy clothes if my feet aren’t. I think of all my footwear, over the decades, through endless searching for a tiny size, Bally has been my saviour and the foundation of my entire shoe collection. I’ll always mourne their exit from the High Street. Also there was Jimmy Choo but only towards the end of when Mr Choo was actually the brand and just after Tamara Mellon bought him out (late 90’s – 2005?). More recently I’ve re-discovered Via Spiga that has wonderful quality and style similar to Bally. If, like me, you struggle with small feet, I have no hesitation in recommending these two brands – even pre-owned and vintage.

My obliging Boy took this photo in the 23.5 spare seconds we had before dashing off to school! So please excuse the bare neck and wrist!

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Comfort Dressing: Easy Knits

  1. Chiara

    I think one shuld feel comfortable enough in her daily life that she shouldn’t “feel” what she is wearing. If I feel, say, my tights at the waist (meaning they are bothering me at the waist), they might be too small!
    You mentioned what I think is the most important element in being comfortable: shoes. I stopped buying very cheap shoes a couple of years ago, because I felt bad not wearing them because of the pain factor! Now I look for shoes that are pretty and comfortable – I spend a lot more, but buy less pairs and wear them to death!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      You’re absolutely right! I know I feel best when I’m not thinking about my clothes or shoes – especially shoes. I think it’s sad the standards of good quality shoes have gone down so much in the affordable range. I mean everybody needs shoes so it should not be considered a luxury and it shouldn’t be something that ends up crippling us either! I pretty much look for shoes Made in Italy, that’s my benchmark.

  2. Marlene @ chocolatecookiesandcandies

    I remember the two pairs of Bally shoes I bought at the Sydney airport for 70% off. I wore them so much, they literally fell apart but only after 6 years. Most comfortable shoes ever. Yes, I know what you mean, few brands actually manufacture shoes in small sizes now. I haven’t found Jimmy Choo to be all that comfortable even in their size 34 heels. Perhaps it’s just me.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      I totally understand!! I wished I’d kept every pair of Bally I ever had and maintained them better. Like I said there was a specific period of time when the Jimmy Choos were really well designed and made. I don’t think it’s any coincidence standards have deteriorated with the changes in ownership of the company. Plus they have tried to be too much like Louboutin or at least the buyers are ordering stuff they think we want that are like Louboutin?
      It’s hardest if you are between sizes. I know Charles Jourdan – don’t laugh – were a tiny bit on the small side – used to buy from their Knightsbridge shop.
      You and me – we should DO shoes, how ’bout it,eh?? 🙂 🙂

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