Closet Audit: Back to the Future

I started my Closet Audit in 2010 once my youngest child started school full time. It was something that desperately needed to be done after a decade of aimless wandering in a sartorial wilderness. If I ever get drunk in future I shall post some of my outfit disasters! It was overwhelming and I never thought the whole process would take me 2 years to complete. I am now in re-hab the ‘Refinement’ stage πŸ™‚CCLINEJust a quick summary: eliminated the things that did not work or did not fit, decided on the core elements of what suits me and my lifestyle. It wasn’t just my clothes, it was all the accessories as well which made the whole thing so overwhelming. In the process I found I could change my shopping habit to a better one of careful planning of investment pieces as well as everyday and making a shopping list which was easier for me to stick to just like grocery shopping, if I don’t have a list, every purchase is stomach driven πŸ™‚CLOSET1Still too full above but I do have 3 Winter coats and half of my jacket collection in there. Currently I have everything I am ever going to wear or carry. This was the same situation I started from but the big difference is that each and every thing I now have is something I love and look forward to wearing and carrying with ease. The other stuff, mistakes, repeats, compromises etc..have mostly been banished. I’m refining and this will be another long process but it will be more joyful than the previous process!CLOSET2Again too full but there are items for all seasons because ultimately, I want to see everything all of the time otherwise I will just forget and buy more..I learnt something this holiday season. In November I made a short list of dresses I wanted to wear this Winter because they were forgotten in my closet and some still had tags on – oops! I love wearing dresses in the Winter too. From this list of Must Wear Dresses came the footwear and accessories to go with them and for the Festivities. Happily I ticked off every dress and had more ideas for future wear. Then I realised that this is how women – Ladies rather – used to approach their wardrobe in the ‘good old days’. From wherever, New York, London, Madrid, Rome, Moscow, Riyadh, Hong Kong, Tokyo they floated to the Haute Couture shows in Paris and made their orders for each season and floated back again. Now, from thinking this is a hopelessly old fashion process – afterall we are in the digital age and have streetstylephotographers and fashion bloggers and twitter and facebook and tumblr to keep up with every millisecond of fashion – to seeing a certain logic and relevance. I don’t need all that for the simple reason I don’t follow fashion in that way. It’s hard just remembering to put on a bracelet so no, fashion-fashion is not for me BUT I still like to be au courant with what’s happening of course.SHELVESA space to put some favourite and current reading books (I haven’t bought a fashion magazine for several years now and don’t miss it one bit), nice things I like to look at and the bags I’m currently using or treating. Yes, there are bags everywhere! But I haven’t shown you my shoes – well there are 2 pairs on the shelf :-), accessories, the folded knits, tees and jeans. Anyway….looking a little forward to Spring, I challenge myself to make a list of what I want to wear together with accessories from my existing closet. It is of course making a capsule wardrobe but not quite as limiting! Spring is my favourite time of year climate-wise. After that the next challenge will be Summer holiday packing. Oh. Goody. I’ll show you the list as soon as I’ve made it.

Thanks for reading!


11 thoughts on “Closet Audit: Back to the Future

  1. mystyle

    Hi my dear! well done for your wardrobe edit, it feels great when you know what you’ve got and that you actually look forward to wearing it too! xx

  2. AestheticAlterations (@AestheticAlt)

    How incredible that you posted this the same day as my own post. It’s quite uncanny! Yes, there’s something of a relief to just write “wish list” and to get on with wearing one’s pieces. And what marvelous pieces you have, and most especially with your bag collection. I’m quite swooning over it.

  3. Sue

    Oh no – this means I need to look at mine and start again. I can’t actually have everything out in my wardrobes as I have four/five boxes of overspill :o( I think I will start with the underwear drawer again – it’s a nice small place to start.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Most normal people have some kind of overspill and are organised enough to store away their out of season stuff. Sadly, that just doesn’t work for me – I’m too greedy πŸ™‚ So I do need to limit myself to the wardrobe space I have and any surplus is only stuff to give to my daughters in time. Oh, don’t get me started on the undies…

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