Cosy Camel Duo

CAMELCOATAsleep again – sorry! This is my beloved pure camel hair coat by Jaeger. It was vintage when I bought it several years ago. Even the pockets are lined with the same material and the sleeves are nice and wide to accommodate layers. I took this coat on a short visit to Beijing in January 2010 – yes, it was colder there than I’ve ever been in my whole life x10!!

TWEENDUFFLEHere’s my bright eyed little cuddly Tween girl in her new duffle coat from Monsoon. I wanted a light coloured coat for her for a change but wondering how long it’ll last because she’s pretty hard on her things. The faux fur has a little burgundy in the camel/beige and is really lovely. The fur trim is removeable so when it gets a little warmer, we’ll unbutton it off so she has a different look – I love flexible wardrobe pieces! Here’s how quickly she’s catching up with me at 11 years old…..

CAMELDUOThanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “Cosy Camel Duo

  1. Chiara

    Love your stilish young girl!
    I love your camel coat, it’s a classic, roomy shape. It’s the one classic pièce I like but still don’t have in my wardrobe – and I’d feel sorry stealing my mom’s one.
    I am sure one day I’ll own one, though!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much! My other camel coat is by Max Mara – one of my all time favourite brands – you must be spoilt for choice living in beautiful Italy even with the not so famous brands!

      1. Chiara

        Agree – but, indeed, what I want is exactly a Max Mara coat. They are not cheap even on sale, but almost affordable with some planning!

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