Shades of Green

11313RenataM0587WebThe stunning photo is by The Sartorialist. It’s so inspirational to me on many levels. This is how I wish to age. This is the serenity of spirit and body I hope to show in my smile. You’ll understand better once I explain that growing up, I was taught to revere old age, that it was something to look forward to.


And of course the shades of green she effortlessly combines just so with the bold tortoiseshell sunglasses speak volumes! They are simply the perfect shape for her face. So I’ve put together some other shades of green that I love now.

0149565001_11_0I noticed since last year going through my closet how much I miss having more green pieces. It works better than brown for me and of course looks extra special with touches of corals and orange that I already have as my accent colours. I only acquired two parkas and a utility style casual jacket last year – all in slightly different shades of khaki – and loved wearing them more than I ever imagined!

0128478005_11_0One of my many wardrobe mistakes was to compromise with too many sleeveless dresses so I need a few with long sleeves and this elbow/3/4 length is perfect. The khaki green shade updates a classic fitted shift style. And that’s the main challenge for me, to maintain a classic yet updated closet.

Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “Shades of Green

  1. Jan Graham-McMillen

    I’m impressed … the Sartorialist only rarely takes pictures of women who are less than fresh-faced beauties. Great lesson about color next to the face, as well, and how saturation similarities make such diverse colors look soooo nice. Fear not, you will be a beauty in your old age! The trick is getting there at all!
    Thanks for the lesson!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      You know what, I don’t even look at the faces most of the time because I focus on the outfits or accessories so it doesn’t really matter to me but this lady is so majestic, no one could ignore her. Thank you so much for your kind compliment and special point of view – I can appreciate her all the more on a painterly level now πŸ™‚ Indeed just to get there….

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