Film Friday: Léon The Professional (1994)

This is one of those films that seems to glorify violence and guns but underneath it all, there’s a very profound and human story. It’s also obvious the young Natalie Portman would be a huge star. I really love this film!

Leon-wallpaper-leon-1994-movie-24520504-1920-1080Jean Reno as Léon, a hitman. Another film by Luc Besson.Léon (1994) Léon gets his jobs from Tony, a mafioso. leon-1994-09-gHe leads a necessary simple and secluded life keeping fit imagesand taking care of his plant. leon-1994-gary-oldman-pic-3Gary Oldman as Norman Stansfield, a corrupt DEA agent who pays a man with a young family to stash confiscated  drugs. Léon (1994) Mathilda somes home one day to find Stansfield in the middle of wiping out her entire family.994LTP_Jean_Reno_003

She thinks fast and calmly walks past her apartment and rings the bell of Léon’s praying he will open the door to her. Léon spends an age deciding what to do and finally opens the door.

994LTP_Natalie_Portman_099 Moreover, he allows her to stay with him.large_leon_shorter_blu-ray5Mathilda decides to avenge the death of her family. bddefinitionleon-i1080They are forced to move. rhsh8h Léon is killed saving Mathilda in a big gunfight.Leon29PlantGardenThe only place Mathilda has any refuge and saftey is at a school she once attended. She plants Léon’s beloved plant so it has roots.

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5 thoughts on “Film Friday: Léon The Professional (1994)

  1. Sue

    I have never actually watched the film properly. I have sat through the film though as this is one my husbands favourites. I can’t watch anything that is remotely tense and emotional and this film is one of those so I have “absorbed” the film in a manner of speaking and I have to say – despite the violence and the so sad ending – it is a wonderful film.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      I was amazed when I first watched it and have seen it countless times since. For a time I was really upset that he died but really he had to because he was a bad guy killing people. However, because he also killed Stansfield and helped Mathilda at the same time, his character is redeemed through his sacrifice of death. Neat enough for me 🙂


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