Snow Greys and Blues

GREYSBLUESI love wearing grey so much, I’m running out of titles! This ancient Max Mara skirt is my first alteration effort of 2013. It’s supposed to be knee length on average women so I had to take it up several inches for me. You can tell it’s ancient because the waist is where it’s supposed to be, there are proper pockets front and back, fly front and a matching belt included, not to mention the old fashion classic inverted pleat. Not many labels produce all of that nowadays in one skirt! It could be a bit shorter but I’m comfortable with this length as the waist is high, it still gives me a decent proportion. And at this length, when I sit down it doesn’t ride up my thighs!

People can’t believe I manage to wear skirts and knee length dresses in the depths of Winter. I just find it warmer to cover my legs with a layer of tights and knee boots under a skirt/dress. Maybe an insulating layer of warmth is created because I never feel a draught especially when out and I’ve got a warm coat on top.

The new skirts are mostly shapeless on me because the waist reaches inches below my waist exactly where the dreaded muffin top is and at best there’s a perfunctory back split. I wasn’t even going to bother taking it up and almost tossed it in the charity bag but then I thought if I saw it at a charity shop, I’d buy it – duh!
My grey cashmere cardigan is another long time love and goes with everything for most of the year in fact – worn layered with purple Gap Women’s tee, Zara Girls navy cotton mix jumper, Banana Republic cashmere stole over the spot silk neckerchief and Tory Burch wellies (so comfortable – love them!).

Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “Snow Greys and Blues

  1. Vix

    Vintage skirts are so much nicer, designed to fit. That’s a beauty.
    I only ever wear skirts and dresses in the snow, so much easier to sneak a pair of thermal leggings and woolly socks under them without looking bulky! x

  2. Jan Graham-McMillen

    What a great modern re-imagining for this skirt. You look so sophisticated in grays and blacks, of course. I applaud your appreciation for the subtle palette. And I know what you mean about problematic skirt lengths. On the flip side, I’ve recently been finding skirts that would be mini on taller women, but work just above the knee for me. Sometimes being little works out after all.

  3. Chiara

    I love wearing shades of gray, and you did it very well.
    I think wearing skirt in the winter is actually a very smart idea. You can choose the weight of tights you need for the day, and you avoid dragging your pants in slug and snow and rain. It’s much easier to wipe a pair of boots than to wash a pair of pants after each wear.
    Your hat is a really fun touch.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much Chiara! Oh I love my knee boots and have a few pairs to choose from – I couldn’t imagine life without them! My beret is something I bought in the 1990’s from Topshop and never expected it to last so long – it’s traveled with me everywhere.

  4. mystyle

    Hi my dear! You look great and the skirt is definitely a keeper, it certainly looks cosy and stylish-vintage skirts are a much flattering cut and style xx

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