Film Friday: The Pirate (1948)

piraterhino My whole family loves this film as we do Gene Kelly and Judy Garland of course. I don’t think it’s very well known but it should be right up there with all their other great films. There’s everything in it, (pretend) exotic location, humour, colour, gorgeous costumes, singing, true love, dancing, (pretend) self sacrifice, fighting, more singing and dancing and a happy ending!pirate48provocation_vd_188x141_072820091153I adore all the costumes in this film. Judy as Manuela about to be married to the much older town Mayor. But on a sea front stroll she meets Serafin (Gene Kelly) who is part of a travelling circus. Annex - Garland, Judy (Pirate, The)_01He hypnotises her during his show and makes her sing and dance in a way she’d normally never admit to.mack the blackSee? Serafin is mistaken for a bloodthirsty pirate, Macoco who terrorises the islands.IMG_7551 copy I think this silhouette scene is so beautiful.tumblr_m3n9wnDAVi1rr0cpgo1_500On her wedding day. The cartwheel straw hat is so glamorous.PirateCostume3SSManuela’s Aunt tries her best to assure her all will be well. vlcsnap2012091321h47m17Serafin sneaks in her room to see her after which is promptly arrested to be tried for being a pirate. His last wish is to put on one last show. PHOTO_15802166_66470_9229404_ap_320X240 tumblr_mcxu7jnPUf1qbwa2io4_250 The moment Manuela realises something isn’t as it appears to be.vlcsnap2012091321h50m27She looks amazing. I think it’s meant to be set in the early 1800 but the costumes have a curious ‘New Look’ flavour with the fitted bodices and full skirts.

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