Crombie Coat

CROMBIEI really love the men’s Crombie coat shape. Here’s my woman’s version by Tommy Hilfiger in navy that I always wished was a narrower fit then realised for that to be possible, one requires a narrower body 🙂 It got such a lot of wear last year, I was afraid of wearing it out so limited myself this year. It’s such an easy coat style to wear with everything.

CROMBIE2Just seeing out the thaw with my Tory Burch wellies, straight M&S jeans, an old blush colour Ralph Lauren Polo cable jumper stolen from my brother-in-law (he doesn’t even recall owning it!) and Banana Republic cashmere stole.

Thanks for reading!


11 thoughts on “Crombie Coat

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much Vix! I really love the shape of men’s frock coats too and still remember your John’s vintage one last year. Hope you’re keeping warm and cosy x

  1. Sue

    I would say that that looks to be a really good fit on you actually and I love it. I love all manner of men’s styling on coats and jackets – I don’t think my inner tomboy ever left me.

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