Black Forever

I went through a decade of not wearing black during the years my children were born as a detox from everything associated with corporations and London. When they were all school age, I resisted still and even had a little purge of black bags in my collection once I started my closet audit over 2 years ago. Along the way, I acquired some slightly different black things mainly jeans and trousers that were required for casual outfits. Also I found, surprisingly, that black dresses and shoes worked so well for me even during Spring and Summer. For the Autumn and Winter came knee boots to go with everything. And finally came the last few black accessories to complete the return of black to my closet. I’ve come full scary how sophisticated teen Chloe Moretz looks in her all black outfit – I really like it except for the too high heels. Here are more favourite black looks and my own…Zhang-Ziyi-afp_2458298aI love the luxe all black look of Zhang Ziyi. Each piece is ultra simple but look closer and they are nothing but the very best in luxury. I think ultimately that’s what I’ve always aspired to achieve; a simple and uncluttered look but it’s so much harder than I thought!

Valentino Pier Paolo and Maria2Could her all black outfit be any simpler? I think it’s a top and skirt. Somehow this is so exciting to me especially with the ankle strap shoes – I LOVE ANKLE STRAP SHOES!

BLACKCLOTHESThese are my basic black clothes: (from the bottom) leather jacket, tailored single button blazer, shift dress, pencil skirt, cardigan, jumper and beret. Not pictured are black jeans and tailored trousers to complete the group. BLACKBAGSTote (I need to retire it because it’s becoming nothing more than a leather filing cabinet), Kelly and Reissue with reversible belt and studded cuff. I use my jersey Chanel 2.55 and Ferragamo bags for evenings and special occasions but they are too rare to include!BLACKFOOTWEARHeeled boots, biker boots, suede ankle boots (badly need to relace these with a lower heeled pair), patent sandals, sling backs, stilettoes and Summer sandals. This is why I need one pair of flats and one pair of low heels both closed toe so these are on my shopping replacement list!

It took me a while to think about this grouping but it’s time very well spent since I will have a ready made packing list to choose from for a stay away from home or city break just with the addition of a shirt/blouse, tees and scarf to suit. This is nothing short of a miracle breakthrough for me because I’m a chronic overpacker mostly because I could never choose and stick to a colour theme and had items that didn’t quite fit the task somehow.

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Black Forever

  1. AestheticAlterations (@AestheticAlt)

    Too funny; we have this in common too. At the beginning of my wardrobe alterations, I was trying to pull away from black. It was only when I embraced it that the wardrobe started falling together effortlessly. I still feel it can be too much of a crutch—or, as can happen in parts of Brooklyn, be used as a studied attempt to not appear fashion-conscious while being fashionably acceptable. When worn well, however, black is so beautiful. I’m still dreaming of finding the perfect black dress or black pants.

    Do you love your vintage Ferragamo? Would love your thoughts, especially in comparison to Hermès.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      🙂 Ha! It was a process I needed to go through and now I hope to have a better appreciation for black. The same thing happens here within the arty/intellectual circles with black outfits.

      Ferragamo? I love it! Gosh it’s all important to me – if I had’t started my bag collection with vintage Ferragamo (and Celine of which I have many more examples), I would never have been able to begin to understand Hermes. I’m still learning of course but I had a reference point from these brands that helped to anchor me in the early days. The craftsmanship is practially on par with Hermes I would dare to say, although I have not compared them closely, and the box leather of my Ferragamo evening bag/clutch is very fine and beautiful indeed. I only have one other bag which is a Bolide shape but it has outer open pockets on both sides that are super brilliant.

  2. mystyle

    Hi there!! I’ve also got a loving for black in my wardrobe too, I thrifted a lovely much wanted pea coat and black crepe de chine blouse this week to add. I love your pieces, all of them are so classically stylish and good pieces to have to mix and match in the wardrobe xxx

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much S! A black pea coat is perfection as is a black blouse – well done! I had all these great basics all along but just hidden under all the junk stuff 🙂 xxx

  3. Chiara

    I like your bunch of black items. I myself have gone throught a phase of mostly black, but I have never really regretted it. I love black and love how it looks on me, and everything looks more elegant in black. I have just implemented few more colors, but my winter wardrobe still has lots of black.


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