Film Friday: The Matrix (1999)

index - Copy baby - CopyI almost missed seeing this film when it came out. In those days I didn’t have a personal computer yet and Facebook, Twitter et al hadn’t been invented. I didn’t even read the film magazines so never knew how different The Matrix was going to be. I ended up watching it on one of those small side screens in the Odeon Leicester Square and bitterly regretted it! One viewing wasn’t enough, I needed to watch it a few times to process everything and what it all meant. The action sequences weren’t completely new to me because I’d watched a few Chinese martial arts films before but to have them in the sci-fi context was definitely new. I’m obssessed with sci-fi and to have everything else with it was just mind blowing at the time.TRIN3 - CopyTrinity is my favourite character after Nikita. THEO - Copy Morpheus completes their trinity. images - Copy the Oracle. I love her!neo - CopyOne of his best roles! I love him!!!TRINEO2 Romance.TRINITY - CopyPreparing for battle. TRIN - CopyShe’s good. TRIN2 - Copy Very good with any weapon of choice.FLYING2 - Copy Fight sequences with Agent Smith are among my all time favourites.fight2 - CopySurely among the best choreographed fights. Ever.TRINNEO - CopyThey do what they have to do.BUILDING - CopyA battle that looked as elegant as ballet. neo2 - CopyEnlightenment.FLYING - CopySadly the sequels were not nearly equal to the original so this is The One I want to remember.

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4 thoughts on “Film Friday: The Matrix (1999)

  1. Sue

    The first one was the best – I’m in agreement. I don’t really do sci fi. I don’t really do films but this was a film I really wanted to see and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And Keanu is always so pleasing on the eye – yes?

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Yes! Really? I’d better tell you now I’m also a Trekkie although I never knew there was such a thing when I was very young – I loved the original Star Trek too. I missed all the Bill & Ted Keannu stuff, not my thing at all but then saw Point Break. Oh that’s made me think of Patrick Swayze 😦 Um yes, love films!


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