Red Bag and Double Scarf

REDBAG4Linking up to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style blog for Visible Monday.

I finally found my Red Bag last year! If you’ve been reading over the last few weeks, you’ll know that Red is the colour for me this year. It was a long process of elimination = decided Chanel red was not for me so Hermès it had to be.  She’s called Christine and if I was even an inch taller, I couldn’t carry her cross body like this which is my first preference.

REDBAG3The style was made in different leathers and sometimes combined with toile. I saw it mostly in natural or dark colours so jumped when this appeared. To be honest I am not sure of the name of the red – there are a few and I think the choice is between Rouge Garance or Rouge Vif. I am more inclined towards the former but as I said I don’t know for sure. The ‘button’ isn’t a clasp or snap, it’s weighted as a closure.

CHRISTINE3 Red is so hard to capture! It seems to be another ‘under the radar’ style. I love the Evelyne so much and wanted another very simple roomy casual shoulder bag that’s easy to use and in a colour. This fits the spec to a T!CHRISTINE2Very simple open pockets inside.

REDBAGBlue sky! Oh rapture! Bright, sunny Winter mornings are always very welcome to keep the SAD syndrome at bay! However, I still need to wrap up warmly, hence the double scarf layering of Hermès silk twill under the cashmere Banana Republic stole. You may not be able to see but I’m wearing the long vintage goldtone necklace with a large pendant that also serves to keep my scarf from flying about too much – a bit like a paperweight or rather silkweight 🙂

Thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “Red Bag and Double Scarf

  1. Sue

    Well I say – your red bag is posher than my red bag. Swap? I don’t know what came over me last year that I felt the need to have a red bag but thank goodness I have lovely sisters who like to help me out. Great idea about the necklace helping to weight the scarf down. Good tip!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Oh not at all Sue, yours is gorgeous, I know the leather is as beautiful on EA bags! I don’t have any sisters so you’re very lucky indeed. I think it’s something in the air, lots of people are ‘feeling’ the red colour 🙂

  2. Jan Graham-McMillen

    Very sophisticated. I love the envelope look with the more practical shape behind it! Yup. Cool reds or warm … they all seem to work on you. On my screen it looks cerise. You look effortlessly chic, and I love the wrap-up!

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