Closet Maintenance: Alterations

I always try not to buy anything that requires any alterations of course, no matter how minor but sometimes it can’t be avoided. But it makes me shudder to see a garment practically remade during supposed minor alterations. There’s a pile of a dozen or so and these 4 pieces were on the top that I recently finished – yay! They hung on the kitchen door handle so I could see them every day, day in, day out until I got so sick at the sight, I blitzed them in 3 days. I’m slow because 1. I don’t have a sewing machine so everything is hand sewn and 2. I hand sew really slowing.

ALTERATIONSIt’s a strangely therapeutic activity sitting there next to the window (I prefer sewing by natural light) concentrating on doing as good a job as I could. It made me think of my old primary school teacher, Miss Butler, who taught us sewing in the good old days of school. There were actual periods for sewing among the maths and english of my 8 year old self. There were actual school reports, handwritten on triplicate paper and signed off by the Headteacher, again by hand not like the ones my kids get, that resemble more my tax returns than any real reporting on them as individuals. I still remember to this day Miss Butler’s remark on mine, ‘…she’s a promising needlewoman.’ Alas teachers can be wrong, very wrong! Miss Butler must have been in her 40’s or 50’s, was round and always wore check thick wool pencil skirts and polonecks – even in the Summer, and her glasses hung around her neck when not in use. Of course we never ever knew her first name, neither did my parents. I’m so sad my own children would never get a teacher like her or learn sewing on a regular basis!

CHECKNext I’m going to tackle more pairs of trousers that I was never happy with so have decided to do something radical. Last will be the dresses that need the least amount of work but there’s quite a few of them….

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Closet Maintenance: Alterations

  1. Sue

    Do you know what – I have a sewing machine and I am too lazy to get it out. It has not been out for over two years and only came out last week because I desperately wanted to wear my new jeans. I usually hand sew everything as well when I have to. Although I have a small batch of non desperates being created for my sis to have altered when she goes back to Hong Kong in March.


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