Double Stripes

GREYSTRIPE2This is a Zara Boys’ jumper from the Christmas sales and so very comfy! I couldn’t wait to wear it with my jeans. At the last minute I added an old silk scarf. This scarf was bought when I was 16 on holiday and has been used a lot all these years – it’s more than vintage, an antique maybe? Although not seen, my belt is in fact a bold vintage python to break up the grey. I’m finding that a touch of exotic add much needed interest to my beloved neutrals. Give me a bit more time as I’m working up to adding pops of colour!

STRIPECLOSEUPColours have more contrast in real life and here’s the python belt.PYTHONSTRIPESThe navy jersey Chanel bag I’m carrying is another one of my treasures. It’s vintage, possibly from the 70’s when Coco Chanel was still alive. I’m wearing the strap single and as you can see it’s pretty short but perfect for me! It was obviously well looked after and loved and I like to think of it as a connection to Chanel herself before the modern era when Karl Lagerfeld took over.

Note to self: when sleeves obscure the wrist, remember to wear rings!

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