Film Friday: Rebecca (1940)

1815I first watched this film when I must have been really young because I simply didn’t understand some of the sinister adult content (it’s Alfred Hitchcock afterall) that I later realised.

movie-Rebecca-rebecca-1940-10778216-480-360 The heroine doesn’t even have a name, she narrates the story as a flashback. An orphan and only 21, her life was as a paid companion and dogsbody.106162You can see the differences in their dress to reflect their exact position or lack of in life and society. Rebecca (1940)Aristocratic and recently widowed Maximillian de Winter just happened to be staying at the same hotel. I confess I was more than a little obssessed with that name for a long time! 3002_001009They have dinner, fall in love and marry within weeks.ManderleyHe brings her home to this attractive Gothic pile in Cornwall, Manderley.Rebecca (1940) Would you stay if this was the face that greeted you?rebecca9 The entire staff turn out to greet the new Mrs de Winter – how nice!rebecca-1940-16-gMrs Danvers gives a tour of her most favourite room. Rebecca A shrine to the former Mrs de Winter.Mrs-Danvers-rebecca-1940-7006778-500-310 Beautiful it is indeed though cold.rebecca3 Everything is kept just as it was.reb9Mrs Danvers caressing her former mistress’ fur coat………MV5BNTU5ODg3MTI4Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNDY3ODQ2._V1._SX450_SY321_ At least there are some smiling faces.1940 - Rebecca_2 005 A ‘cousin’ of the former Mrs de Winter can’t keep away.RebeccaDenvers There’s no end to Mrs Danvers’ talents.rebecca-1940-08-gSlowly you can see an imporvement in Mrs de Winter’s sense of dress.imagesThe same theme applies in ‘Dial ‘M’ for Murder’, Grace Kelly’s character starts off being very dowdy and ends the film looking radiant.imagea52f I loved these scenes, the clothes, the look and feel of those days.rebecca_1940-2-1600x1171 joan fontaine - rebecca 1940 A fancy dress ball does not go to plan.Rebecca-Classic-Wallpaper-rebecca-1940-9498776-1024-768 Mrs Danvers almost succeeds.laurence olivier - rebecca 1940The past catches up on Maxim. joanfontainesuspicion_391839 There’s a new maturity and beauty.Rebecca (1940) Difficult questions.8196226505_72489188ca_zRebecca continues to haunt. 1940 - Rebecca_2 303 Manderley in flames.1225822265_2And this is the last we see of Mrs Danvers.

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10 thoughts on “Film Friday: Rebecca (1940)

  1. Chiara

    This morning after reading this I said to hsband “I should watch Rebecca again”. And he said “What is this?”.
    We shall take action soon. Everybody should watch Rebecca!

  2. Angele Style

    I do not like scary movies but I love Alfred Hitchcock films. They are so classy and well done in a way that is intelligent and refined. I am glad you came to visit my blog because I relate to you and your expression in style and sensibilities. I look forward to enjoying your posts.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much for stopping by – I really appreciate it! Alas there are very few movies like these anymore, Hitchcock was simply one of the best and you can never tire of watching his films. I truly hope you will enjoy my little blog 🙂

  3. Veshoevius

    I read the book before seeing the film and really loved it – it made a much greater impact on me than the film (which changed the ending of the book) – I thoroughly recommend reading it! I enjoyed you pointing out some of symbolism of the costumes here.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much for stopping by – shall certainly find the book now! The books are always better. I know they had to change some key things for the film due to the strict moral regulations films were under in those days.


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