Closet Audit: Casual Dresses and Accessories

I was asked about the absence of these 2 categories in my post Closet Audit: Casual Foundations. My apologies, I didn’t include dresses to prevent the post from being longer than it already was and I know that for some, dresses are automatically ‘dressy’ and have no place being in the same sentence as ‘casual’ 🙂 As for the accessories besides shoes, well I have no excuse except laziness!


So my stash of casual dresses grew from only a handful to about a dozen (for all seasons in the last few years) and they are 3 distinct styles: shirt, shift and Summery – a very broad term I know, but it’s basically a style I feel the most comfortable in during the warmest weather and is holiday appropriate.

From the bottom: dark blue boiled wool shirt dress, navy knitted, grey jersey shirt dress, blue long sleeve paisley print, cap sleeve blue/black colour block shift, black jersey shirt dress, khaki safari dress, white print shift, lilac stripe sleeveless.

Living in UK invariably means some sort of cover up is required at least close at hand, no matter how warm the day starts. I most often wear a light cardigan or a soft jacket (knit or utility). This year my goal is to wear all my jackets much more often.

SPRINGJEWELSThese are the jewellery that are easiest to throw on – when I remember! A mix of designer and vintage which I think is more interesting.

CASUALSCARFBELTSI have a lot of belts collected over the years and really enjoy using them. They are a mix of wide, medium and skinny, often with some texture. Scarves are really useful to me and I like to wear them all year round, these are my most worn collected over time.

CASUALBAGSBags clockwise from left: nubuck Coach, black Ferragamo, plum Barneys New York, orange Céline, black Céline and tan Céline in the centre. I’ve had all of these bags a long time – some were vintage before I got them and they’re still going strong maybe because I do invest a bit of time caring for them.

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Closet Audit: Casual Dresses and Accessories

  1. Sue

    Everything of yours looks so organised. I’m trying to get the scarf drawer under control. It’s already spilled out on to the scarf hanger. Sometimes, I don’t know whether it is better to hold on to some of them to give myself the choice and variety or whether I value the space more. I keep trying to get rid of stuff but it just hangs round in bags instead. It’s not good.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      I totally relate Sue and thanks so much! It took me ages to get to this point because I just had so much stuff to sort through while deciding what kind of things I was really going to wear and the looks to aim for given I do enjoy variety. In the end very few things were actually banished and some things were even fished back out of the donation bag and returned to the wardrobe! So this is why I gave myself the challenge of choosing a selection of things to wear for each of the seasons to come. It’s less forcing myself to wear stuff, more to make sure I don’t forget items and plan how they can work for me.

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