Film Friday: Blade Runner (1982)

blade-runner-sean-young1Sean Young as Rachel was one of the most beautiful actresses I’d ever seen up to that point. I saw this film soon before leaving home to live in London and it made a huge impact on me. As a die hard sci-fi fan, this film had everything and more! A friend lent me the book (‘Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?) and I devoured that as well leaving me with thoughts that continue to linger about what it means to be human, life as we know it and beyond, technology, genetics, robots and the future of humankind no less!

blade-runnerThe year is 2019 – seemed far away in 1982! Earth is a decaying mess and most people have fled to new and cleaner colonised planets. Rachel is an assistant to Tyrell whose corporation ‘produces’ replicants, organic robots designed for specific tasks usually dangerous work on the off (planet) worlds.

rachael-blade-runner BAFTA Award winning costume design was by Charles Knode and Michael Kaplan. This was only 1982 but the exagerrated shoulders, the sharply tailored fit were to be the defining look of the decade. I love the feminine 1940’s feel of the hair and make up.

BladeRunner3Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard who is tasked with hunting down and ‘retiring’ some escaped replicants.

blade-runner-harrison-ford-and-edward-james-olmos13315662411_28b2d38a26Replicant 1. Leon who was the first to be killed.

priss 2. Pris (a basic pleasure model’)

ZORA3. Zhora (a special-ops, undercover and assassin replicant model)

shower I love this shower unit she used – will someone produce this already?


BladeRunner2-1024Her costume wouldn’t look out of place on some of today’s celebrities.

RACHEL Cool, articulate and without a sell by date.

Blade Runner (1982) Blade Runner 3 She plays beautifully and wants to believe she’s human.

Blade-Runner-Rick-Deckard-8 A little gratuitous 🙂

bladerunner.articleDeckard bluntly tells her the truth.

RACHEL2The whole language of costume and dress is pretty much summed up in this film. She removes her uniform/armour and literally lets her hair down.

couple I have to say, the brief intimate scenes between Deckard and Rachel still give me goosebumps. Her make up softens and she looks less perfect, more natural.

Blade-Runner-e1328535370579Rutger Hauer in Ridley Scott's Blade Runner (1982).4. Roy – an extremely strong and fiercely intelligent replicant.

blade_runner_publicity_still Behind you!

blade-runner-1982-35-g Her death throes were disturbing.

Roy-blade-runner-31051286-1024-673 They battle it out but Deckard is no match for Roy’s strength.

bladerunner460 ROY2As his own life ebbs away, he sees the futility of letting Deckard also die.

ROYBlade-Runner-Rutger-HauerI think Rutger Hauer’s performance was brilliant and for me this film is unforgettable for being so thought provoking on many different levels.

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