Closet Audit: Spring Edit

My goal is to shop my closet for what I’d like to wear per season making sure to rotate items as I should. It’s the first time I’ve ever done this and just the whole process of thinking about my clothes this way is so useful and I’m telling myselt it’s okay to not wear things according to what I feel like per season. Their time will come to around again, right? And if it doesn’t well, fortunately I have two daughters 🙂

Dresses – all I wanted was the ‘fit and flare’ shape then it changed to the shift so we’ll see how it goes this season. I really want to wear my printed dresses most and still aim for very easy looks but the weather will be very changeable so it’ll mean having to layer with cardigan/jacket and/or coats.

SPRINGDRESSESFrom bottom: black short sleeve wool shift, black short sleeve jersey shirt dress, navy shirt sleeve jersey drop waist, purple long sleeve print shirt dress, sleeveless grey jersey sheath, sleeveless A line, short sleeve leopard print, short sleeve cobalt blue jersey flared skirt, long sleeve blousey blue paisley print and pear green sack dress.

Skirts – I really love pattern and colour so wished I chose more carefully before.

SPRINGSKIRTSFrom bottom: Jaeger pleated with pockets, vintage Max Mara grey wool, Banana Republic navy pencil, D&G floral print pencil, Max Mara check pencil, vintage Jaeger velvet pencil.

Trousers – besides the bf and (if they still fit me) skinny jeans, I love tailored shapes.

SPRINGTROUSERSFrom bottom: Italian light wool wide leg, Armand Basi peg leg, Banana Republic wool straight leg, J Crew peg leg wool check.

Tops – shirts and blouses are very underused in my closet and I want to change this.

SPRINGSHIRTSFrom bottom: vintage Max Mara check blouse, Jaeger chevron shirt, Jaeger spot shirt, Jaeger frill shoulder blouse, vintage Gerard Darel zebra stripe blouse, vintage Jigsaw short sleeve shirt, vintage Jaeger spot shirt, Zara Girls red gingham shirt, Gap Men’s chambray shirt, vintage Burberry lilac gingham shirt.

Jumpers – slouchy and closer fitting get the most wear, most of the year.

SPRINGJUMPERSFrom bottom left: Zara short sleeve cable navy and ivory, Gap girls textured navy cotton, Gap Mens neutral v neck, Zara Girls navy marinière, Zara grey sweatshirt, Zara Girls v necks in coral, navy and lilac

Jackets/Coats/Cardis – essentials due to the climate I live in. I tend not to layer jackets under coats though because they feel too bulky together but I must wear the jackets much more. My coats are the trench, parka and pea styles.

SRPINGJACKETSFrom bottom: Jesire leather jacket, Céline leather jacket, vintage wool knit, Theory bf blazer, Zara knit, Jaeger open jacket.SPRINGCARDISFrom bottom: vintage Aran, Zara Girls black, Dean & White cashmere, Zara Girls navy.

Footwear – I rotate my footwear even more during Spring and Summer. Times have changed and I can no longer get by without more low heels. I’m so pleased with a few new finds, I’ll post about them separately. UK weather being as it is, I may well have to reach for my knee boots and wellingtons!

SPRINGSHOESClockwise from left: black ankle boots, camel ankle boots, khaki suede wedge, vintage Mary Janes, high top tennis shoes, snake print slippers, studded loafers, black brogues and black suede ankle boots – my cobbler’s not going to be happy with me, he hates repairing kitten heels!

Bags/Jewels – it’s still all about accessories for me since I have all the key pieces of clothing. I really need to practise accessorising better.

SPRINGBAGSMy staple is still a black tote but I rotate as much as I can to make sure all my bags get enough lurve! SPRINGJEWELSSome favourite jewellery, a mix of designer and vintage treasures that I find the most interesting. That gold nugget thing is a YSL cocktail ring! I know I should wear more rings, more often because sometimes I feel my outfit is too plain and simple.

It took more time than I thought but as with sorting out my Casual Foundations, it was well worth it to have a much clearer understanding of why I have the things I do. Hopefully this is the way I can better make use and enjoy more of my closet, more of the time. Next will be the Summer and Holiday Edits. Oh yes, they are very different things because as you may have heard we no longer get Summer as a season in UK, maybe a few days of actual warmth if we’re lucky!

Thanks for reading!


14 thoughts on “Closet Audit: Spring Edit

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much! I just had to get organised, there was too much stuff and of course I had nothing to wear 🙂 It’s a lot better now at last, the hardest part is keeping it this way.

  1. Sue

    I love the studded brogues but as always brogues don’t suit me. There is a pair out there for me and I think they will be in a pale colour way but for the time being, I’m off the hunt. Your wardrobe foundations are a lot more varied than mine. I don’t have many skirts or accessories or trousers. The skirts thing being down to the fact that I only get my legs out in the summer and I find them a hassle to put with separates. I don’t think I’ve seen you in any of the leather jackets yet?

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      My chunky legs need a bit of heel regardless so the loafers will be mainly for my trousers and jeans and that’s good enough for me. The mens style brogues are just so comfy and will be worn the same. I’m looking for a beige or nude versions of either.
      I know what you mean about separates but the key for me was having the right footwear that I don’t need to think about, hence the flats and ankle boots. I’ve always liked trousers but struggled to find the styles to suit me – I think every woman should have a tailored pair that can be dressed up or down much like jeans.
      For years and years I completely overlooked accessories and as I’ve got older, I realise they are more and more important to my outfits.
      My jackets are all terribly underused but I have worn 3 of my leather jackets before, with skirts and dresses – not sure I want to put them with any jeans though because it’s such a universal look. I suppose it’s more about the styling then which I need to work on 🙂

  2. Veshoevius

    For some reason I thought you were a US blogger but nice to find that you’re based in the UK! Call me weird but I always like seeing the bits of people’s wardrobes laid out like this – I’m not a naturally organised person so I guess it’s part of yearning to be – I used to do more photos of this kind of thing on my blog when I first started and it is a good pictorial way of laying out and recording what you have so you can shop more efficiently from your own wardrobe, you’ve given me cause for thought to return to doing it again – you have a lot of great pieces in your wardrobe! Some fab dresses and jewellery!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much! I used to live and work in London as a singleton and miss all of the shopping and exhibits that were so accessible.
      Me too, l love a nosey in other people’s wardrobes! This is the first time I’m doing it this way because I had so much stuff to go through. I must print off the photos and stick them in my wardrobe! Dresses will always be my weakness and thrifting vintage jewellery seems to be coming up a close second nowadays.
      I look forward to seeing your posts then!

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