Mannish Neutral Checks and Bag Content

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I find it much easier to think about and plan outfit combinations now that I’ve reached this stage of my Closet Audit because I know what I have. Hopefully, my choices will improve with time. My clothes were lying on the bed and I tried out a few different bags before deciding on my vintage Kelly. Believe it or not, the Hermès scarf is the reverse side out and to me, it’s just as beautiful!  NEUTRALCHECKSI’m really pleased with the mannish influence and colourway. Whilst I prefer real outfit shots to still life, I wanted to show the true depth of the colours together. I’m layering again, under the sweatshirt is a khaki sheer silk blouse with satin cuffs just showing. I do have some dark brown boots but the toe is much too round, I definitely needed the more elongated shape like these. The trousers and sweatshirt are from my Spring Edit.

KELLYCONTENTMy generic bag content: tissues, wallet (sometimes the longer style), driver’s license, notebook, Envirosac, make up purse (includes safety pins, hairclips/elastic and plasters), super low tech mobile, pen. Easy enough for me to transfer to other bags with any additional items as necessary depending on what I do that day.

KELLYCONTENT2My bag is the Hermès Kelly Retourne, 32cm size. Everything fits in neatly and it’s rarely fuller than this even when I travel.

Note to self: when indulging mannish influences, make sure to curl hair to keep a feminine balance?

Spring Edit 2013: check trousers and grey sweatshirt

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26 thoughts on “Mannish Neutral Checks and Bag Content

  1. Veshoevius

    I’m generally too embarrassed to show the contents of my handbag! You look supremely organised! As well as very smart here. I wear outfits pretty similiar to this quite often for work (but in darker colour combinations) and I have a pair of masculine cut check trousers like these too.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much! I’ve been going through my entire closet for the last 2 years or so because I was in such a clothes rut. It was really hard but now so worth it because I’ve found looks and pieces that work well together.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much Adrienne – I couldn’t agree with you more! I think that’s why I love tailored pants and shirts so much – they just make women look more womanly. 🙂 And it’s so comfortable which is more important to me as time goes on.

  2. Sue

    I think I’m going to have to buy myself one of the grey sweatshirts even if it is prone to creasing. It looks great worn with checked trousers like this. I will be borrowing this look!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much Sue! I’m really pleased with the sweatshirt all the same. Had to take these trousers up a lot even though they were already a cropped length – everyone should have some golf pants 🙂

  3. Jan Graham-McMillen

    Naaaah … not mannish. Menswear inspired, maybe … you are way too feminine to be mannish.
    Love the scarf (inside out? Cool!) and the blues and browns. A fave combo.
    Your look reminds me of classic Grace Kelly!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much Jan – you’re really too kind! The right side of the scarf was too rich a colour against the grey then I saw the reverse was way better lol! As I love vintage and the old Hollywood films, that’s the kind of look I always aspire to.

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