How Low Can You Go?

My shoe obssession started early, from toddlerhood in fact. For several years, I was the only daughter, grandaughter, niece and cousine among many boys, so I was pretty much spoilt…I loved getting my feet measured at Clarks and choosing my shoes. I remember going back to school one September and all my friends’ feet had grown at least two sizes bigger than mine and so the obssession of finding shoes that fit began early in my teens as my feet simply refused to outgrow the kids section in Clarks! I think one of the reasons I love sandals and boots so much is that it’s easier to disguise an imperfect fit. Also in warm weather I do like to change shoes often….even more often than during cold weather…  🙂 But it’s no good, I couldn’t get away with it anymore. I had to replace some worn out boots and add a few much needed low heel (2″ or less), closed shoes.


And it was such a struggle! I blame it all on a certain Monsieur Christian Louboutin! There was nothing to be found but sky scraper heels on top of platforms. I resorted to *bay and back to shopping at Clarks with my kids. Soon I can wear my girls’ cast offs! But the tide is turning at last and I found a few in the sales and snapped them up fast. The tan pair above was the longest time coming because I’d seen this style featured everywhere – one version among the very many of the Dicker boots of course. I wanted smooth leather, not suede, a plain shape and not too Cowboy especially in the heel.

44445083uv_11_aI love a black suede bootie! These are from Barbara Bui and have a contrast patent stripe down the middle with kitten heels. The suede is so thick and yummy. They fit close around the ankles and I love their 60’s vibe. But my cobbler’s not going to be happy – he hates repairing kitten heels!

44441827ij_11_aBlack leather ankle boots are a must and I never found a pair that was plain enough with low heels. These are perfect with the unusual zip detail.

44457390nv_14_dI’ve wanted a pair of Church’s brogues for the longest time. I already have a pair of vintage Bally ankle boots in brown that I wear a lot. I first thought to get some black ballerinas but here is the thing, my feet don’t look good when I’m wearing totally flat shoes – I need a little lift of even an inch. So when I found these black brogues with an inch heel but still look ‘flat’ I was so happy!

OPENINGCEREMONYA long time ago, I decided loafers looked awful on my short broad feet. The End….or so I thought until recently. In the long quest for low heels that were both practical, for my pedestrian lifestyle, and aesthetically pleasing, I gave them another chance. Then as if some Shoe Fairy took pity upon me and decided to send a good omen, The Sartorialist published a post about Loafers and said that he loves, ‘..the idea of “penny loafers” but the shape is always too rounded and rarely makes a “good foot” (as Garance would say)…’ and there’s my answer for that time long ago. Those doomed loafers I tried on must have been too round for my feet!

44446201KF_15_aI resisted the lure of slippers as a trend for the longest time for the same reason. The round toe of the slipper is offset by the higher vamp and both are all leather and very comfortable. I love the mix of blues and brown.

LOAFERS2I had to have some texture and am so pleased with these – shopping ban well and truly broken just for these!

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “How Low Can You Go?

  1. Chiara

    I love these low leather boots…
    I usually buy leather booties for winter and ballet flats/sneakers or flat sandals for summer, as far as flats are concerned. I like the idea of a brogue, but I’ll end up wearing it only with pants, which I don’t wear much anyway. And somehow loafers bring me back childhood memories that I prefer to keep hidden!
    Will love to see how you style these flats!

  2. LaTonya

    Definitely will be looking at your shoes for inspiration. I don’t wear heels. Don’t like them in part because I have arthritis in my foot and knee. Today I really want comfort, function and style when I can get it.


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