How to Spot the Must Haves?

Even though I don’t follow fashion and rarely buy anything ‘fashionable’ or ‘current season’, I love the shows and seeing themes and what the designers have to offer as much as anyone else. My personal preference is for a classic wardrobe that by definition should not date or go out of fashion but it sure as hell gets boring! Fortunately I know it’s possible to add key pieces to update a basic closet and inject some much needed freshness from time to time, the trick is knowing what they are. I was thinking about this when I read Garance Doré’s post The Hat – if Garance, in the middle of all fashion worlds, finds it hard to spot something both fantastic and enduring for herself, what hope is there for the rest of us?


Clockwise from bottom left: Villa colour block shift, Céline Micro Luggage, Zara Girls neon lime green cardigan, vintage bold metallic necklaces, D&G print pencil skirt, eggyolk Céline bag, ASOS wedge trainers, H Williams heels knee boots, H Williams spike heel booties. Please note, I’m not in the habit of putting dirty shoes on my clothes – they were on their way to be washed anyway!

The only things I haven’t worn yet are the boots and skirt. I could not avoid high heels for a few years because it just seemed they were the only shoes available and I’m so impressed with the style and quality of these H Williams boots and the booties. I think a lot has been written about the wedge trainer/sneaker trend and obviously it’s not going to go away anytime soon, I think simply because it is such a comfortable style of footwear for so many! I didn’t like them at first but the pros outweighed the cons in the end for me as I love wearing wide linen trousers and the wedge trainers are a fantastic casual choice. I was determined not to pay too much at all for them and was so happy to find these by ASOS. With the trend for floral trousers last year, I knew it wouldn’t be for me but a graphic print skirt had been on my Wishlist for a long time so I was delighted with the D&G skirt find. I didn’t think true colour blocking would suit me either, however the Villa dress in Royal Blue and Black (2 of my staple colours) in the shift style is the perfect choice. I’m a long time fan of Céline bags and resisted joining the Luggage Mania simply for the reason that the Mini size is much too big for me – it really does look like I’m carting around luggage! But when the Micro appeared I had to have it! I never thought I would find a neon lime green anything useful until I bought this cardigan from Zara Girls, it’s lovely with Summer whites and livens up all my greys and navy. The same with the eggyolk Céline bag which is such a nice pop of colour for Spring and Summer. The 2 bold necklaces were the start of some unique vintage jewels I thrifted coming out of the trend for metallic collars and huge bib necklaces.

My feeling is that mostly it has to be intuitive, you just know it when you see it. But what if you’re out of tune and don’t feel or hear this calling? Can you take a more calculated approach each season, assess what you have and conclude what’s needed to boost everything? I certainly hope so! I know it’s easier if you have a more refined and focused wardrobe but I like to wear dresses, skirts, tailored trousers AND jeans – did I mention I get bored easily? I do have all the clothes I’m ever going to need so if I want something new, it better be worth it. This approach is going to help with my shopping ban because if I don’t adopt this tight attitude, all I will end up doing is acquiring repeats of what I already have, and no one needs that!

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “How to Spot the Must Haves?

  1. mystyle

    Hi there-yes, I’m loving your Celine bags too, what excellent style investments. I have tried to top up on basics like shirts and jeans and jackets but I’m always on the look out for something that pulls at the heartstrings-it’s rare but great when you find that particular item that you have to have regardless of price or convenience!!

  2. Sue

    I love the H Williams booties. Love, serious love. I clicked on the link for your previous post and you look fab in them and the whole outfit. I need some more seriously rocking shoes in my life.

  3. Lucy

    Those are all beautiful finds! Even though each of those pieces might be associated with a current trend, none of them seem overly indicative of a certain mood or time (except, perhaps, the sneakers, and–as you said–they were a comfortable bargain!). Once the associated trends pass, these items will still be lovely in their own right. This is a constant goal of mine, and you’ve achieved it perfectly!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much Lucy! It’s hard to keep a balance of hoping to find my next treasure at the same time as trying to keep things everyday wear friendly. I think my current trend love is my Cos coat which is slightly oversized. Being petite I’m always afraid of oversized anything but the coat is incredibly easy to wear and I love the new silhouette!


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