Film Friday: It Started in Naples (1960)

pdvd021uf0I have to talk about Sophia Loren! She’s in so many of my favourite films from my childhood. This one is not very well known but it rates as her most endearing and my Tween loves it too. Look at how current her colour block dress is! The little boy’s outfit has dated more. Loren plays Lucia, a cabaret singer and maternal Aunt to 9 year old Nando. Clark Gable is a lawyer from Philadephia who happens to be the boy’s paternal Uncle. It was the last film to be released during Gable’s lifetime.

itstartedinnaples50 It was filmed on location in Rome, Naples and Capri. Wear the belt buckle at the back – of course! And the head scarf adds a quick and easy glamorous touch.

itstartedinnaples23Beautiful scenery.


itstartedinnaples8 I love the saturated 50’s colours.

capri_1960_2itstartedinnaples20 Lucia’s neighbours are most supportive when they hear about the American who’s come to take away one of their own.

tumblr_lnx46rIdWQ1qke3bko1_500A couple of my favourite scenes.

1616 21480_12Lawyers at the ready!

_It_Started_in_Naples_205Uncle and Nephew bond, they both smoke and love the same woman!

230px-'La_baia_di_Napoli' The famous ‘You Want to be Americano’ song.

images _It_Started_in_Naples_186 I’m obssessed with this purple colour!

it-started-in-naplesThanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Film Friday: It Started in Naples (1960)

  1. Christie

    But of course! The fashions from the 50’s and 60’s far outpace the camouflage, exercise, and other junk clothing we have now. That’s one of the reasons so many people loved to watch Mad Men … the fashion (and other decorating details) were excellent. People look at copies of that stuff now and say, “Wow, how fashion forward”. Well, everything old is new again! I grew up during the Swinging Sixties and wanted to dress like the teenagers and women of that era, not like the stuff we had in the 80’s. So, it’s great fun to watch the movies of that era and relive it.


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