Spring Fluo Pink Velvet

PINKVELVET4Linking to Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday

I’m trying my best to usher in Spring with the help of the sunshine this week. My pink velvet skirt is vintage Jaeger and a favourite here, here and here. The clutch is vintage Fendi.

PINKVELVET2The flats are suede with bows on the toes – my Tween already has her eye on them!PINKVELVETI’m working on mixing textures and pattern with the spotty tights and scarf. A very easy look for me with the added bonus of embracing colour.

Spring Edit 2013: Knit jacket, velvet skirt

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20 thoughts on “Spring Fluo Pink Velvet

  1. Lady of Style

    I was laughing when I red about your daughter – sounds so familiar 🙂 Whenever i miss something from my wardrobe I know where to look for it 😉

    That’s a lovely red skirt and I love the length right above your knees. Since the weather is so bad here I used the long weekend and checked a lot of online shops but very often the short length of a dress or a skirt was an issue (ZARA etc.)

    Lady of Style

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      🙂 Thanks so much! Part of me wants her to like my things, of course, and the other part is bracing myself for the ‘borrows’ soon when she fits into my shoes. But I’m hoping to teach her about taking care of things.
      Skirt shopping is a nightmare for me because on an average person this is a mini length. I think it will change soon and longer skirts will be produced!

  2. Veshoevius

    Cute! Your first photo totally reminded me of the image of a French artist with a paint palette – the little beret, the neckscarf and the flat clutch under the arm! And then the bright pink skirt against the black. Very Montmarte!

  3. Iva

    Yeah, great hat. I like wearing hat, partly because my hair is most of the time not worth watching 🙂 You look wonderful!

  4. Jan Graham-McMillen

    Every element a winner! Love, love, love the sweet little shoes and the textured tights. Such a flirtatious feel … and surprisingly light in feel, in spite of the dark color. Interesting! Skirt takes it right away from winter. You look great in your beret. I look like a complete dork in one, so I’m glad for you that you can wear it !
    Have a great, warmer week!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much Jan! I never thought I could ever wear any kind of headgear but the beret saved me 🙂 I’d been looking for polka dot socks for ages and never found them then stumbled upon the tights – would love some more in grey and navy colourways.


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