A Lighter Palette

WEDGEBFCORALI broke out the Gap pale wash bf jeans and they feels super comfortable! The sun was out so I felt compelled to choose light colours but had to continue layering due to the cold. I should be able to wear just a shirt at this time of year and white canvas high tops! *Mumble, grumble at the weather…*  The jumper is Zara Girls seen here and here, cashmere cardigan is Dean & White here, here and here.

WEDGEBFCORAL3I know wedge sneakers have fallen out of favour recently and I surprised myself for acquiring something so fashionable but the truth is they are comfortable and practical. For me, they add a welcome touch of modernity to my otherwise very classic wardrobe. These are by ASOS last year and still look new. It’s too cold for flats and ideally I’d be wearing some tan booties but they elude me still after years of searching. I just want some the same colour or tone as my belt. Anyway, my Chanel bag is in fact a very deep navy blue which I prefer with greys, denim and a colour than black.

Spring Edit 2013: jumper, cardigan, bag and wedge sneakers as a substitute to the canvas high tops

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