Easy Blues and White

BLUEANDWHITE This is an outfit I would not have been able to put together if we’re having a normal Spring. I would have just thrown on a cardigan and trench if wet but because it’s very cold still, I had to think about the layers. A jumper and cardi combination would be slightly too warm and bulky so it has to be a slouchy tee and a jacket – at last! I’ve wanted to wear my jackets much more but since most of them are tailored, they tend to look too formal and the biker/moto jackets don’t really suit either.BLUEANDWHITE2I realised the jackets need to shape in a bit on me to work with bf jeans whereas boxy shapes are ok with my pencil skirts or slim dresses. I’m going to try this jacket with the wool trousers next. Ankle boots are so comfortable I wish they came in a tan colour as well – I think the pointy toe booties would have looked better on reflection.

Spring Edit 2013: bag, boots and jacket as a substitute to the lighter colour version

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