Tailored to the Snow

BLUESBLACKThis must be one of my most mixed up outfits in terms of number of brands – 11 in total including sunglasses! And that’s how I like it. So April brings snow and not the usual rain showers though you can’t quite see it in the photo. The temperature was barely above freezing but by now, I’ve had quite enough practice dressing warmly without resorting to eiderdown, fleece nor quilting 🙂

A simple J Crew long sleeve tee, vintage Escada cashmere cardigan, wool Crombie coat by Tommy Hilfiger, Zara peg top trousers, patent leather brogues by Apologie, finished off with Banana Republic cashmere stole wrapped around 3 times, vintage Topshop beret, Hermès belt, old M&S leather gloves and Versace studded bag that’s proved to be pretty weatherproof.

Spring Edit 2013: trousers and brogues

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9 thoughts on “Tailored to the Snow

  1. Jill

    I love this look, even though I don’t love that you still need to wear a coat, hat and scarf! When will winter end? Thank you so much for joining us for the “How I Wear My: Everyday Bag” post. I loved your entire look and that Lindy is just beyond. What a fabulous bag! XO, Jill

  2. Veshoevius

    Nice belt! I thought I spied that unmistakable H at your waist! I love your patent brogues too, they are great with your trousers – I really would like a pair of flat brogues. I know what you mean about finding something warm without resorting to fleece! It took me a while to work that one out when I moved here!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much! I’m a (H)opeless case 🙂 I don’t know I managed without the brogues before, they are beyond useful. When the warm weather comes at least I’ll be able to wear heels with the trousers.

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