Film Friday: Meet Me in St Louis (1944)

meet me in st louisA personal and family favourite! I always associate the film with this time of year although it includes Christmas. Meet-Me-in-St.-Louis-house-SpringThe family home.

Meet_Me_In_St_Louis_5257Courting under the scrunity of the entire family.

meetmeinstlouisDreams of Mr Right who happened to live right next door! I watched this film when I was young enough to share the same dream, if only ‘he’ was to be found so close by. Meet-Me-in-St-Louis-classic-movies-4476398-720-480The long suffering housekeeper/cook. I love this actress and this type of character who holds the family together.Judy_Garland_in_Meet_Me_in_St_Louis_trailer_2One of my favourite musical moments on the tram.

meet-me-in-st-louisThe Christmas Ball.

large_meet_me_in_st_louis_blu-ray_8xDecisions, decisions.

large_meet_me_in_st_louis_blu-ray_1I couldn’t understand how such a little girl could have such morbid obssessions until I had my own little girl!

imagesA gloriously happy and hopeful ending!

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