Softness and Structure


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Generally for me, comfort becomes higher and higher priority as time goes on both in terms of work appropriate wear and for weekends. There was a time when it seemed like I had 2 different types of clothes for each but then gradually found a happy medium to satisfy my love of tailoring and structure and softer, often knitted pieces. You can see the light snow flurry against my bag, such is our UK Spring up to this week.SOKELLY2Whilst I’m opposed to having a ‘uniform’ per se, I can’t help but feel this is a formula that works for me most of the time: tailored pants + knit + low shoes + structured bag = casual comfort for work or play. My bag is called the Hermès Kelly Sport, a lesser known variation of the classic Kelly. I’ve worked on the leather here but haven’t waterproofed her yet. Her previous owner might have been small like me since the shoulder strap has been shortened and though it appears narrow, it’s still very comfortable on the shoulder.

Spring Edit 2013:  trousers and shoes

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20 thoughts on “Softness and Structure

  1. Sue

    Wow – two scarves. We are still in single digit temperature zones though aren’t we. Love the soft blues with the grey and black. One of my favourite colour combinations.

  2. Iva

    Light blue and gray go wonderful together. Add to this dark hair and chic sunglasses and you get a perfect look!

      1. Iva

        We are all like this but it shouldn’t be a worry – a woman can carry herself with dignity and style and radiate confidence at any age.

  3. Jan Graham-McMillen

    You manage to put a lot of variety into your “uniform”, so I agree that you’re not in any danger of looking limited! Every piece is beautiful ( and your hair looks great … so modern!) and looks completely classic, but I especially like the little shoes! I’ve never seen menswear-like oxfords that I like at all, but these delicate looking little “wingtips” (?) are really appealing. Really feminine look to a masculine classic!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Oh thank you so much Jan! I can’t recommend these shoes and variations on the style enough for comfort and style – they instantly make anything look better! It’s a very traditional men’s shape and I think more and more women are adopting the style as a great addition/alternative to ballet flats.
      I’m sorry I can’t seem to comment on your blog for some reason, it keeps throwing me out? Will try again 🙂

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