Spring Orange, Grey, Black

ORANGECASHMEREStill need my thermal vest under this dark orange cashmere H&M Men’s jumper. The jumper is really good quality and machine washable – love it! I managed only the grey wool skirt from my Spring Edit 2013 and the winter knee boots are not packed away yet. It’s official, orange is my best colour all year round. I love that fuller skirts seem to be more prevalent this season. Most are worn with very high heels but I hope to be able to wear low heels with my pleated skirt when the weather warms up a bit more.

Other than the jumper, everything is old/vintage. I really like that I can build on these pieces with newer additions. I’m dreading having to replace my vintage Bally boots because I know I won’t be able to find the same quality at a reasonable cost which seems to be the way everything is going!

Spring Edit 2013: skirt

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5 thoughts on “Spring Orange, Grey, Black

  1. Sue

    I love that orange jumper. I had a snoop in the men’s earlier on in the year and they did have some lovely jumpers in the H&M Trend section. It pays to look beyond the regular places i.e. in menswear.

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