Spring Easy Jacket, Blue and Rust

MUSHROOMNEUTRAL I’m so happy to be able to wear my jackets now – they’ve languished far too long in my closet. It’s just timing, like many things, and I needed to learn to wear them in a slightly different way to before. This wool knit jacket is by Zara from a few seasons ago and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it. The sizing was a nightmare – I’m already in between Zara sizes at the best of times and this jacket was all over the place. My usual habit is to buy in a dark and light colour, here’s the blue version.

MUSHROOMNEUTRAL3Sorry I forgot to pull my jeans up!! They’re so good, also here and here. My blue silk shirt is by Jigsaw from the 90’s and has been well worn as you can see from the missing button! The silk is so soft and has a slight ‘bloom’ to the surface and it’s machine washable. (I do believe Susie So So has the same one, we must have bought it the same season all those years ago!). The Chanel bag is made of ‘washed’ caviar leather and is beautifully supple. This softness is important to me since the normal caviar is meant to be quite rigid but for a person my height, that would make the bag look bigger than it actually is. For me it’s all about proportion.

I’ve spent a lot of time working on improving my proportion! For example, I have a thing about the shoulders of jackets because eversince I became aware of my wide shoulders, I avoid very padded jackets that make them look even wider and like an inverted triangle due to being short. To minimise this effect I wear jackets that have no or very minimal padding with shoulders that follow the natural shoulder line. As you can imagine this was rare in the 80’s and even the early part of the 90’s! It’s not only shoulder pads, thick materials such as tweed and bouclé have the same effect. I just have a horror of looking top heavy on the shoulders and this also impacts on my footwear in that I have tiny feet already so they can easily appear even smaller with some shoe styles therefore again creating the inverted triangle effect. Conversely some styles can appear overly clumpy and heavy – so hard to get right!

Spring Edit 2013: jacket, jeans and silk blouse

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12 thoughts on “Spring Easy Jacket, Blue and Rust

  1. Sue

    I was just reading through your post (I’m doing catch up this week – been silly busy for some reason) and reading all the most recent first and working backwards. Makes it quite confusing. I was squinting at your shirt before I started reading and thinking “hey SPD has got a navy silk shirt” and then when I got to the bit where you said Jigsaw and 90’s – it’s got to be the same which is literally what you confirmed. Did I ever tell you, I also got it in lilac and orange and I still have those too? Well I never knew whether it was machine washable or not but I stick mine in the washing machine regardless and I know what you mean about the slight bloom – it gives it almost a sandwashed effect now.

    I like this outfit – I like the Zara jacket – you suit the blazer styles.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much! I must have bought it in the sales after all the other colours were gone – hope you’ll wear those colours on the blog some time? I didn’t wear it that much as it was a bit too loose then I had my kids and it fits better 🙂

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