Review: Graphic Blue H&M Skirt and Mango Breton Stripe Jumper

GRAPHICPRINT2I looked high and low for a graphic print skirt all last year, in the end found it in humble H&M for very little using various discount codes. It’s a durable material, unlined and washes/dries easily which makes it a great option for holiday wear too. Although it has elastane in the material, it’s not very stretchy at all and for me came up a touch small so I had to size up. They also have capri trousers in the same print which came up big.

MANGOBRETONI adore this Mango jumper! It’s pure cotton with cropped sleeves and length. The size is generous and I had to size down for a nice slouchy fit like above. It’s on sale for £16.00!

GRAPHICPRINT3I love belts, always have and it’s the main motivation to keeping my middle in check 🙂 This is vintage Hermès, also here. For the time being, teaming with black but really look forward to wearing the skirt with Chambray blues, white and flats.

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17 thoughts on “Review: Graphic Blue H&M Skirt and Mango Breton Stripe Jumper

  1. Sue

    I think I know which print that is – I saw it in the trousers but not the skirt but that’s only because I rarely look at skirts. It’s a lovely print though isn’t it and very clean. I was just thinking for the very reason that you wear belts – that’s the reason I don’t wear belts as I hate being trussed up especially after a really good nosh up (I’m so elegant). I tend to go for more tunic styled dresses rather than one with waistbands to pull me in – I’m a true comfort seeker, through and through. You’re going to get lots of wear out of that jumper as well – from my experience with white/ivory and black striped tops – they go with everything without everything looking too nautical. And that’s not a bad thing.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much! I’m really impressed with the print which means I can wear with with whites, blues and of course black.
      Because I’m an awful apple shape, I really can’t afford to let the middle go too much though I love food as much as the next person 🙂
      The stripe is actually a very dark navy and not black, no matter to me as I wear them interchangeably. Soooo nice to have sleeves that don’t pile up at the wrist for once 🙂

  2. Angele Style

    GREAT outfit. So put together and I like how you style with both high/low end items. That is my favrorite thing to do as well. I can go in H & M every weekend and find nothing and then one time I can find something that looks rich like you did. Perfect my dear.

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