Simple Neutral Foundations

NAVYGREYSDuring the middle of my Closet Audit, I was begining to wonder how and if my neutrals were going to change as time went on. I’ve always loved greys, whites, beiges and navy but somehow never found the right pieces to love as much as the ones I have now built up. It was only fairly recently that I had the confidence to re-embrace colour, mostly red and orange, to add to the mix. Most often it’s the subtle neutrals that carry me through the day.


GREYSNAVY4These are the slightly updated basic, neutral classic pieces such as the knitted moto jacket and snake print loafers. I really feel light years away from the start of my Closet Audit. The navy trousers were from the Zara sales last July. I love the fit of them. The answer to my prayers for an updated look is simple and was never far away but I think I needed to go through the entire process to truly appreciate it.

Spring Edit 2013: shoes and bag

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Simple Neutral Foundations

  1. une femme

    Neutrals are the base of my wardrobe too. I never tire of them, but am trying to add more navy and lighter neutrals like yours to my mix. Your Lindy bag is fabulous!


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