Blues and a Touch of Orange

SKINNYMYWAYYay, another jacket gets out! It’s by H&M from last year and a real find. I love that sometimes I stumble upon great little pieces from the high street. I never used to give H&M the time of day but have learnt to keep an open mind. I really don’t care about the brand per se, as long as the clothes are the right fit and decent quality. These are my other skinny Gap jeans, they’re cropped with zips so ankle length on me. This is about as tight as I’d ever wear any jeans! SKINNYMYWAY3Chambray shirt is Banana Republic, flats are Clarks Girls – these tone in well with my neutral Hermès Lindy bag which looks large enough fully loaded. I adore the orange belt! They are reversible and the belt buckle is interchangeable (making them perfect for travel). All of these items are between 1 – 2 years old yet I never managed to put them together like this until now. D’oh!

Spring Edit 2013: bag

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7 thoughts on “Blues and a Touch of Orange

  1. Sue

    Really like this outfit – so classic but current with the chic touches i.e. the bag and the belt.

    And in the last few years, I have developed quite a thing for H&M – there really are some little gems when you look.

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