Stripes, Chinos and Green Bag

STRIPESANDCHINOS3Linking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday

I’m getting so bold wearing nautical stripes AND a lime green raffia bag 🙂 My Banana Republic chinos came out from Winter hibernation at last! I revamped them a bit with a turn up and I couldn’t wait to wear the stripe knit jacket also from BR (I rarely wear the same label top and bottom) which is another High Street treasure being pure cotton, very well made – see how the stripes match up plus the inside is super neat (I’m picky like that) – and sleeves are the right length! I’m breaking a rule in that for my height I shouldn’t really be wearing such stripes at all but I don’t care! I love how the jacket feels and I was very comfortable. So there 😉

GREENSTRAW Plenty of room for essentials.GREENSTRAW2Let me tell you about this bag. I found her in a charity shop somewhere in London in the 90’s and it must have been in their window or a window elsewhere long enough for the colour to fade slightly on one side. No matter, I loved her at first sight and used her a lot every Summer afterwards until my kids came along. It’s lined and I honestly do not know how she’s lasted all this time. I did put her in my Tween’s cupboard but reclaimed her recently after reading MyStyle’s blog – thanks for the reminder Sharon!Just seen is a vintage python skinny belt.

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16 thoughts on “Stripes, Chinos and Green Bag

  1. Barbara A Mizzoni Young

    You look great! I’m really wrapped up in stripes this season. It’s funny about how there are so many “rules” about them. Glad that you are being yourself and wearing what you like. I love the bag and gold shoes.

  2. Vix

    Love those Italian raffia bags, I always end up selling them for some silly reason. I’d hold on to one if I found one in that gorgeous pistachio green colour. x

  3. jangrahammcmillen

    Yes, you’re a bold vixen! So adorable. I can think of only a few instances when I had jacket sleeves that fit … it’s my tailoring bete noire! Pretty stripes and bag, choice, seriously.
    Have a pretty week!

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