Casual: Dark Jeans and White Tee

EVELYNE2 I can’t tell you what it means to finally be able to dress casually and still feel ‘dressed’. It’s nothing short of liberating! This is as basic as basic can get but I was never able to achieve it before in a way that made me feel as good as being dressed up. I think it’s a lot of factors combined.EVELYNE3There was a big hole in the casual side my closet – there were no white tees of any description. I really don’t know how that happened but it was a Godsend to find this one by Gap in the sale. The material is viscose so it drapes and slouches really well. Most of my other tees are shaped in which is no good at all and I only use them as vests during the colder seasons.

I’m loving my Hermès Evelyne in Barenia leather. The style is roomy and so easy to use. And the slipper shape flats are just brilliant, a great and comfy alternative to the ballerinas/ballet flats. There’s sometimes a cool breeze so I would just throw over a knit blazer – easy peasy!

Spring Edit 2013: shoes and bag

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