My 7 Habits to a Successful Closet


PRINTDRESSFirstly, apologies to the late Stephen Covey! Secondly I’m following on from this post to help keep me on the right track.

  1. definition: what does a ‘Successful Closet’ mean to me – to have chic, easy to wear, easy to put together everyday outfits. It took me a while because I kept getting distracted with beautiful things I love but don’t/can’t wear often enough.
  2. inspiration: for ideas/inspiration I keep a file of images of the kind of look I’m after – the type of silhouette, colours and accessories. This was an ongoing process and evolved over time and it’s something I’ll carry on since I hope my style continues to evolve if only in a very small way.
  3. favourites: it was a long and painful process to go through what I have, identify my favourites that actually work but I didn’t throw out everything else right away – I was able to pull things back into use at the end when things started to click in place! I kept in mind point 2. and was open to trying new things.
  4. analysis: continue to analyse my closet in terms of why I have too many of something, too few, repeat items etc It took a bit of soul searching to admit I simply have neither the patience nor discipline to wait and focus on exactly what I needed (see next point!). This is something I must try to keep in check! (See point 1)
  5. shopping list: make a shopping list of items I actually need twice a year (Winter and Spring/Summer stuff which I tend to buy out of season), it can be generic because you may have to look in several places for exactly the right pieces – I really try to stick to this and refer to it often- of course it can be revised/amended as required – I did several times!
  6. budget: I set a budget and identified where I want to make investments and where I can save – for me my accessories are investments and I save on certain items of clothing such as tees and other basics.
  7. research: whether you plan to make investment purchases or replace an old tee shirt, I can’t overemphasise the importance of research – read everything  you can find, talk to everyone and research some more after! It really annoys me when after all my efforts, I manage to get something wrong. The time spent researching often makes me realise it’s just a passing feeling of want or craving for something new and not a real need (refer to point 5!).

Thanks for reading!


14 thoughts on “My 7 Habits to a Successful Closet

  1. Lady of Style

    Very good post!
    You are right – often I tend to buy things which are very similar to what I already have just because I like the style (point 4)
    Like to have (no 1): I love the new maxi dresses and skirts but realistically I can’t see a chance of wearing them!
    Point 5+6… so hard to achieve 😉

    Your leather bag is fabulous and I also like your dress!

    Lady of Style
    now on Facebook

  2. Kathleen Lisson

    I really, like point number 1. Everyone always seems to assume that the definition of a successful closet is universal. I am going to think about what it means to me.

  3. Sue

    I’m a creature of habits and continuously buy the same things over and over. How many grey jumpers? How many pairs of boyfriend jeans? But it’s hard to fight what you love to wear. I like the rules – I just couldn’t stick to them – I almost have babies when Zara drops new stock on – but then I get over it. Phew.

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