Le Sac Princesse and the Dress

HPRINCESSE2May I introduce my latest vintage love….le sac ‘Princesse’ by Hermès. It was a very, very lucky find that I stumbled upon as these things usually are. There’s no knowing when something like this will appear. I thought I was lucky enough to find this other exotic Hermès bag here but this one I simply could not resist! It’s the classic Rouge H colour which is a burgundy shade, in amazing condition for her age and a good size/capacity.

HPRINCESSEI just want to say I buy vintage bags to use and not as a piece of art to look at on a shelf. This is why I always consider the size, fortunatey I can use fairly small bags and the minimum for me is about 10″ across and at least 2.5″ deep, any less it’s a clutch which is a style I simply don’t use often at all. I can’t wait to carry it with jeans but first with a dress..

DRESSANDPRINCESSEShe sits comfortably on the shoulder, DRESSANDPRINCESSE2 in the hand,DRESSANDPRINCESSE3or in the crook of my arm. I love this dress!

Thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “Le Sac Princesse and the Dress

  1. mystyle

    Hi there-wow, your handbag is stunning, I love the colour and the shape, what a true vintage find well done! Your dress looks fabulous too xx

  2. Lucy

    What a beautiful find! That size would be too small for me as an everyday bag, but it would be perfect for a date night or lunch outing. Just lovely!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much Lucy! Colours are pretty hard to come by in an exotic, mostly browns and black if you’re lucky but I have a weakness for croc and ‘gator 🙂

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