Coral, Blue Jeans and Saddle Leather


To celebrate the sunshine and departure of Winter – finally – I broke out the coral jumper and straight blue jeans worn here with the ‘natural’ colour Evelyne bag and belt by Hermès.

CORALBLUETAN2It’s a very comfy outfit for me without looking too casual. My accessories are so simple but why did it take me years and years to find them, why? 😉 The canvas strap is removeable so can be used on other bags – I really like to be hands free when out and about.

Sping Edit 2013: jumper, bag

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Coral, Blue Jeans and Saddle Leather

  1. happyface313

    Excellent combination! I agree – I like my hands free when being on the go. One of these days I’ll find a nice Evelyne, too 😉 Yours is beautiful!!! 🙂 And with coral and jeans – suits you very well 🙂

  2. Sue

    I’ll be wearing very similar once it stops raining. For some reason as soon as there are a few clouds, I immediately resort to the greys when really I should be laughing in it’s face and wearing the brightest colours known to man. Lovely look – relaxed, comfortable and chic.


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